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JPAT Newsletters
These newsletters provide details of the latest products and equipment available at JPAT, listed by type of automatic transmission part. Please check back to this page regularly, as newsletters are frequently updated.

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Archived newsletters:

February 2015
ZF8HP exploded views, click the transmission number for each view: 8HP45, 8HP55A, 8HP70
Parts catalogue illustration 09G, 09K, 09M, TF60SN, 6F21WA
Parts catalogue illustration 6T40, 6T35 and 6F35
DSG Parts available

July 2014
ZF8HP transmission parts
Mercedes automatic transmission parts
Transmission old core clearance

April 2014
CVT Tools

Pump wear protection for Merc 722.6 and 722.9

November 2013
Parts for the Kia/Hyundai A6LF1 & A6LF2
Manual transmission plate & double bearing
722.6 OEM Valve Body
Double clutch for DSG transmissions, 0AM, DQ200 etc

June 2013
Transmission consumables
JF405E OEM hardware
Transfer case for Landrover Freelander IRD
F5A51 hardware

April 2013
Oil service info from ZF
Service kit for ZF8HP45

March 2013:
TF81-SC valve body

NV 225 Range Rover transfer case

Lubescan ATF 1000 - tests the Glycol and water levels in ATF.
JPAT's OEM valve bodies
VW Audi mechantronics and ECUs
VW 09G and 09K Coolers
AF40 C1 Drum Update Kit
Aisin SL Solenoid Bushes Starter Kit and Single Bushes (N268 35 02 and N268 35 03)
Speed Sensor Monitor information (N190 33 11)
AF17 Valve Body News
AF40 Valve Body
VW DSG/02E parts new
Information about 6HP26 Exchange Transmissions
Allison parts and torque converter pump hubs
Aisin Warner 6 speed kits and plates
DPO / AL4 Modification Kits Flyer
ZF22 Planet Flyer
5L40E Flyer
45RFE and 01J Flyer
Mitsubishi Filter ID Page 1
Mitsubishi Filter ID Page 2
6HP26 Tips & 50-42LE case repairs
VW AG4 Valve Body & GM4L80E & Ford
Ford 5R55N Parts
JATCO JF 506E Parts
JF506E Reverse Pistons
Precision Overhaul Kits

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