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Single part and Complete Unit Transfer Cases available from JPAT

JPAT are please to introduce two transfer case / axle catalogues: one for single/internal parts and one for complete systems/assemblies. These catalogues include useful bulletins, oil information and OEM part number cross references for the complete systems catalogue. The links are below.

How to use
Please be patient in viewing/downloading these pdfs - they're big files!

If you are finding it hard to find something in particular we can, in most cases, direct you to the correct parts page or assembly if you send us the VIN. Otherwise you 'll need to find the OE part number to find the correct unit. You may need to refer to the OEM cross reference section (at the bottom of the complete systems catalogue under “references”) to find a current number, as there can be many superseded numbers. You will also see that some transfer units have several types of assembly and different internal parts, even within the same series. For example, BMW X3, ATC400 has several types of unit available. Please enquire with a VIN if you have any doubts, so we can help you find what you're looking for.

Please click on the relelvant catalogue link below:
Single/Internal parts catalogue
Complete systems & assemblies catalogue